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Do you suffer from high levels of stress? Do you often feel anxious? Are feelings of anxiety and fear stopping you from reaching your full potential? Do you need help in managing depression?
Depression, anxiety and stress are all major problems today. They are all intrinsically related. Stress is a major cause of anxiety and anxiety creates more stress in a life already filled with stressors
Fear is the base emotion that creates these feelings. Fear of the future, fear of the unknown underlies most anxiety. The thoughts that create the anxiety are often on a subconscious level but they still produce increased levels of stress hormones which then create a cascade of negative mental and physical reactions.  Perceived problems in the future can create major problems now.
Researchers have demonstrated that we have approximately 150-300 words per minute that flow through our minds creating our thoughts which then create our behaviours.  They estimate that on average 40% of these thoughts are negative and self critical. Negativity and fear create anxiety and stress. So if we can reduce this negativity we can really make a difference to our levels of anxiety and stress. 
At One Stop Hypnosis, we use a combination of hypnosis, CBP and NLP to take back control of our thoughts, and thus change unwanted reactions and behaviour.  Hypnosis is also used to relax us when we need to reduce stress. 
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