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Do you want to give up smoking? Have you tried many different approaches that just don’t seem to work?
Smoking is a habit and an addiction.  Habits are controlled by our subconscious mind where they are stored.  The addiction to nicotine is one of the hardest addictions to break, but the habitual behaviour associated with smoking is often just as difficult to overcome.  The smoker often links pleasures to the act of smoking and is often more addicted to the ritual of smoking then to the nicotine itself.
This subconscious habit will continue because that’s what it’s been programmed to do, despite the wants of your conscious mind.  The subconscious does not distinguish between good and bad habits so we need to persuade it to change this behaviour pattern. We start by finding out what satisfaction the subconscious derives from smoking, and then transfer that satisfaction onto something much more beneficial and advantageous.
At One Stop Hypnosis, we understand just how difficult it is to give up, we focus on working on your subconscious, using mainly hypnosis and discussion.  Each session will be tailor made to the individual, but most prefer our quick one session approach. It is important to stress that the client must really want to give up for this therapy to work.  It is not a magic cure!, but if the client is committed, hypnosis is the key to success!!!
So, if you would like to end this habit and take back control of your health please contact us on …….. 

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