One Stop Hypnosis
with Meena Sharma
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Do you ever feel overwhelmed by phobias and anxieties? Are you struggling to say goodbye to an unwanted habit? Are you finding weight loss difficult? Do you need a little help in achieving your goals? Or do you just need help in finding that “happy contented you!”?….
Hypnotherapy used in conjunction with other well renowned methods could be exactly what you need…
Here at ONE STOP HYPNOSIS, we help transform lives by uncovering the skills and abilities that lie deep within us all.  We use techniques that enable clients to move beyond the things that have stopped them in the past.  Latest advances in Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and CBP (Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy) contribute to our success, helping clients make that change.
At ONE STOP HYPNOSIS, we work with the whole person.  We utilize an in-depth initial evaluation to help you define what you want to change.  We then design a plan together with each individual, to efficiently and effectively reach that goal. This tailor-made plan involves discussion, interviews and the latest hypnotic methods dealing with any underlying issues that may exist.  

Change can be difficult but with our help, the process of change becomes smoother and feels more within your control.  Our only aim is to achieve effective and lasting results for you to have your whole life long.


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